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Be seen. Be safe. Stylish jackets and accessories from Visijax keep you dry, comfortable and, thanks to our award-winning lighting technology, the most visible person out there!

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“This is safety for you. This is a jacket with 23 built in LED lights!”
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“Drivers will definitely see you, but what really sets this jacket apart, are the turn signals!”
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“Hopefully the jacket will help drivers and cyclist’s get on a little better on our roads”


“and the really cool thing is, you raise your arms like that, and a little… sensor switches indicators on for you”.

Ouatch TV

“intelligent biker ‘s jacket, equipped with lights and activated by the movements of the wearer’s arm of the jacket”

CNTV Visijax News

“Visijax自行车夹克获国际消费电子展可穿戴装备创新大奖 内嵌23LED灯光,更特别的是,胳膊两处设有感应器,当胳膊抬起来,需要转弯的时候,感应灯自动亮起,提醒后车的司机进行避让 ,为夜间骑行者提供安全保障
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“What sets you apart is it’s a very high end jacket in itself.”
“combine the best of technical clothing for athletes with recent advances in technology”
Pop Sugar
“Я не знаю, установлены ли на твоем велосипеде специальные лампочки: фара спереди, красный фонарь сзади. Если нет, то эта куртка незаменима.”
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“”reactive” wearables that are extensions of your body”
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“one of the most practical — and surprisingly stylish — approaches to wearables we’ve seen yet.”
“In daylight you’d be forgiven for thinking the Visijax was just another hi-vis cycle jacket, but it’s when the the sun goes down that the coat sets itself apart.”