• Visijax
    Cyclewear to be seen in

    Two men wearing Visijax jackets
  • Waterproof
    & Breathable

    Red Visijax Highlight Jacket
  • Innovative motion
    sensitive signalling

    Man wearing Visijax Commuter Jacket
  • Intelligent
    rechargeable battery

    Man wearing Visijax Orange LED Belt

visijax® is an early world leader in wearable electronic products and clothing.

In developing products and applications in smart wearables, we are focused on delivering mass market consumer products that meet three key requirements:

  • Our addition of the tech component needs to increase the usefulness of the underlying product

  • They must be reliable

  • They must be affordable

On this web site you can find out about our range of innovative products designed around your everyday life, and where to purchase them. Our range of Visijax® cycle and exercise jackets with built in LEDs make you more visible and enhance your safety, whether cycling, on horse back or directing traffic on a construction site or at a school. Our Commuter range – in a world first – has our iMASS proprietary built-in, motion-activated, self-cancelling, indicators. Our Visijax® belts, also with built-in flashing LEDs in a variety of colours, are ideal for all outdoor sportmen and women who need to be seen in the dark. Our site provides information on our products, our technologies and our licensing activities – both in and out.